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To further breast cancer research, The Carol M.

In Stony Brook was given the contract to Caol one of the most prestigious laboratories in the country, Brookhaven National Laboratories. He also will discuss the association of obesity with breast carcinoma recurrence and development and explain how the drugs known as aromatase inhibitors work and the mechanism of aromatase inhibitor resistance. The lecture is free and open to the public and is named in memory of Lynette Hall—The Alexander Family. The Fund will then provide grants to Upstate for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

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This research will include—but not be limited to—studies of the genetic, molecular, cellular and environmental factors involved in the development and progression of breast cancer; application of the knowledge thus gained to educate medical professionals and increase public awareness for the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer; and studies of the outcomes of breast cancer detection and treatment on the patient, their families and society. The Baldwin family dedicates their research grants and the endowed lectures in memory of women who have been affected by the disease.

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